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Linda Sievers
Linda Sievers

As an intuitive painter, I try to give myself the latitude to go with what comes. I like to explore ideas while getting lost in the creative process. I work in acrylics because this medium allows me to apply translucent and opaque layers. Spray paint is often used as a foundation color because of the structure it provides.  I make marks with chalk, graphite, pastels and other tools to give my work depth and interest. As I work, I’m always thinking about shapes, lines, color and their interrelationship. I’m searching to see if something dynamic is starting to happen. Nature has an influence as does everyday life.  I try to give myself times of solitude so I can daydream and recharge. My motivation is internal; painting is just something I have to do.

I’ve painted off and on throughout my life but it has been a priority since the COVID-19 Pandemic. At an early age, I had access to art materials because my mother and paternal-grandmother were both hobby artists. I took a few art classes in high school and found watercolor to be my favorite medium. I think that influence still shows in my work today. In college, I graduated with a degree in social work and believe there is a relationship to both professions and how they share an emotional action. The same sense of observation and sensitivity come into play.

Experimentation brought new ways for me to express myself. In the mid-90s I developed my paper cuts. I used textured and hand-made papers to cut out as few lines as possible with the hope of capturing the essence of an image. The female form was my primary muse. I received an enthusiastic response for this work and sold the pieces at a local art and home furnishings store. In addition, Sunrise Greetings reproduced some of the images as greeting cards. Faux finishes and decorative wall painting is something I did in the early 2000s. It was here that I learned to put down layers creating a patina and subtle color changes. Gardening is another creative release and in 2015 it was the poppy pod that provided inspiration. I think seedpods are beautiful and I especially like the Greek-urn form and daisy-shaped crown of the poppy pod. I was fortunate to have a juried solo show in 2017 with this artwork at the John Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington, IN. Abstract painting came in 2018 and I found adjusting to this style was difficult until I figured out how to think differently about shapes. Non-representational art allows me the freedom of expression and the viewers their own interpretation.

I started the Quietude Series in 2022. With this work I explore finding calm in self and place. I’m delving deeper into a contemplative me and how to express this outwardly in my painting. The layers are fewer, the palette is limited and the mark-making has a lighter touch. There is an ethereal aesthetic to the work. Reaching a quiet place is the intended goal.

More recently, I began the Seed Collection which consists of 8”x 8” collage mixed media works that celebrate color, life and finding joy in small things. The title not only refers to growth and hope but also quite literally seeds. The collage copy was taken from a book Seed Analysis by Duane Isely, 1951, that I purchased from my local used bookstore. The tissue paper and background spray paint patterns give the impression of seeds as well. I painted them in pairs so each set are siblings—of sorts—similar yet different.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my artwork and to learn a little bit about my story. If you would like to know more, please click on my contact page and leave me a note.


Linda Sievers
Bloomington, IN